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DLESE Outreach activities

DLESE Outreach activities are focused on spreading the word about DLESE to teachers and students—at local, state, regional, and national teacher professional society meetings and conferences, such as the National Science Teacher Association meetings.

DLESE Outreach materials

DLESE brochure: front


A colorful 3-panel DLESE brochure is available for community use. If you would like a supply of brochures, and/or accompanying DLESE business cards with the DLESE website address (URL), for use at a conference or meeting, just email support@dlese.org. Include your name and contact information including telephone number, the quantity of each item that you would like, the date and name of your meeting or conference, and let us know how soon you need them!

View PDF file of complete 3-panel brochure (348 KB file; takes several moments to load)

Get Acrobat Reader to read PDF files: Get Adobe Reader

Examples of exemplary resources

We have examples of exemplary resources for the different grade levels, which you can use if you're showing DLESE to friends or colleagues and want to find a quick listing of good resources.

DLESE community Powerpoint presentations

Use or adapt the community Powerpoint presentation about DLESE for use at conferences, meetings, teacher in-service days, etc., or save the Powerpoint template for future use.

To save either file:

  1. for PCs: right-click with your mouse on the file name, and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link Target As," keep the same file name or rename as needed, and save to your local computer hard drive
  2. for Macs: click on the file name, or select "Download linked file as..." or "Download link to disk," keep the same file name or rename as needed, and save to your local computer hard drive

Digital Library Services for Teaching and Learning (PPT version), (PDF version) - This presentation was given to the DLESE-GLOBE Workshop (August 2008) and summarizes DLESE search strategies and services


This poster is available in two sizes to download for printing and distribution:



Reduced mage of front of DLESE poster
Reduced image of reverse of DLESE poster

8.5" x 11" size
PDF file, 457 KB file size
resolution: 120 dpi

11" x 17" size
PDF file, 616 KB file size
resolution: 80 dpi


A variety of versions of the DLESE logo for print and web publication are available.

DLESE logo RGB medium

(Preferred for web use)
This is the official version of the DLESE logo that is suitable for web pages. We ask that you not scale this graphic to a different size as it will distort and lose fidelity. If you need a version like this of a different size, or for a different purpose (e.g. high resolution to be printed or silkscreened) , please contact support@dlese.org with the details.
— DLE_logo_rgb_med.jpg (49.8 KB), 72 dpi, 2.78" x 1.236" (200 x 89 px)

DLESE logo text on side

This is the logo version used at the bottom of pages on this site. Best used where low resolution graphics are adequate (e.g., web pages) and when the official logo cannot be used.
— DL_text_on_side.jpg ( 4.18KB), 72 dpi, 3.333" x .444" (240 x 32 px)

DLESE logo text on side with black line border

Same as above, but provides a black border around entire logo for use with colored backgrounds. (e.g. yellow)
— DL_text_on_side_border.jpg ( 9KB), 72 dpi, 3.4" x .472" (247 x 34 px)

Either of these logos can be used when the text: "Digital Library for Earth System Education" exists in near proximity and space is limited.
— DLE_logo_rgb_sml.jpg ( 29KB), 72 dpi, 1.264 " x .444" (.903 x .32 px)
— DLE_logo_rgb_smler.jpg ( 10KB), 72 dpi, 3.4" x .472" (65 x 23 px)

To download, right-click the image (or click and hold for Macs) then select the option to save it. Please do not scale the dimensions of either graphic as it will distort and possibly become unreadable or just plain ugly.

Please refer to the DLESE Graphic Standards (PDF) for usage information and official color definitions (CMYK, PMS, RGB), backgrounds, and typography.

Please contact support@dlese.org regarding your logo needs (resolution, size, print vs. web publication, etc.).

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