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JavaScript Search Service

The JavaScript Search Service (JSHTML) lets web developers place a repository search for ADN resources into Web pages with JavaScript, and is available from the Digital Discovery System (DDS).

The service generates interfaces for DDS resources that reside in the ADN metadata format only. For a general purpose search JavaScript client, use the Search Service API and it's JSON output instead. A client that illustrates it's use is shown in these examples.

The service is designed to be used in real-time, high-availability Web sites to provide interactive search and discovery interfaces for DDS repository resources in the ADN format. The service provides a simple JavaScript API that allows developers to define a custom search and place it within the context of their own web site. The API can be used in any HTML page and may be combined with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the look and feel of the search interface and search results. Using the API, web page developers can insert, customize and tailor the search within their web page using a text editor or other development tool, and deploy their page to any web server.

The service is illustrated and described formally here:

  • Documentation - The documentation describes the service API in detail, provides sample code, and contains information about each of the customizable options that are available to you as a developer.
  • Templates and Examples - The examples illustrate the primary ways the JavaScript Search Service API may be used to create a custom search environment, and can serve as templates for creating your own custom search pages. You may download the examples from our download area on SourceForge. After downloading, unpack the ZIP file to access the examples inside.
  • Tutorial - The tutorial provides a self-guided tour of the service and an overview of the API (requires Acrobat Reader).

To access this service (JSHTML v1.1), use the following serviceURL:

  • serviceURL =

How to Create a Custom Search Page

If you are interested in placing a custom search environment into a web site, start by looking at the Template and Examples, which can be used to begin your own custom pages. You should also see the Documentation, which contains detailed information about how to use the service API including descriptions of each of the options that are available to control the features and behavior of your search page.

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