Contribute a collection (overview)

Collections and collection building

Collections are groups of resources (activities, modules, annotation, etc.) organized around a theme, organization, topic, audience, learning strategy or some criteria that can be articulated. DLESE does not hold actual web resources themselves. DLESE's content is information containing pointers to and information about web-based materials (like a card in a card catalog). This information is called metadata (data about data). Such information typically includes a URL, title, audience, grade range, description, etc. in the form of a digital record. From a DLESE perspective, a collection is an organized or thematic group of these metadata information records.

What is collection building?

Collection building is a process conducted over time that builds and shapes a collection into a balanced, cohesive and sought-after set of user materials. Anyone in the DLESE community can build a collection. Good collection building involves

Benefits of contributing a collection


How to contribute

The length of time to create and contribute a collection varies widely depending on whether the collection already exists or if the collection is being newly created from scratch. The amount of time also depends on the type of collection and the support needs of the persons or organizations making the collection. To facilitate contributing in a timely manner, please contact the DLESE Program Center (DPC) support@dlese.org early in the collection contribution process.

Please read contribute a collection (detailed) for a complete how-to for contributing collections.

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