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Questions about posting News and Opportunities

I'm having trouble posting my announcement.
Send us email.

How do I find out definitions of the terms used on the Post an Item form?
Let your cursor hover over the term you are unsure of, and a fly-out box will appear providing more information.

What if the Announcement types on the form do not match my announcement?
Use the closest term possible. If your announcement does not fall in any category that is specified, select "News" as the appropriate Announcement type.

I want to post a news item, not an opportunity. What fields do I need to fill in?
On the posting form, complete the Title, Description, and URL fields, select "News" in the Announcement type(s) section, and complete the remainder of the fields for Audience, Topic(s), Diversity, Event Dates, Archive date, and your contact information, and submit the form.

How should I complete the Diversity section if I'm posting an announcement affecting the physically challenged?
Choose Accessibility, which includes issues pertaining to the visually challenged, hearing impaired, cognitively challenged, mobility challenged or inadequate or limited availability of computer or internet technology.

Why is there more than one "Event date" on the Post an item form?
News and opportunities items may include more than one kind of date as essential information. For example, a grant proposal announcement may contain one deadline for preliminary proposals, and another deadline for final proposals. Or, a conference announcement may include inclusive dates for a conference as a whole (e.g. March 1 - March 6, 2005 - Event 1), but may also reference a specific workshop within that timeframe (e.g. March 3 - Event 2).

Can Start and End dates be the same?
Yes, and in fact often are!

How do I modify an announcement once it's been posted?
Select the Full description link found on any News and opportunities display page for the news announcement you would like to modify, and Email us that URL, detailing the changes to be made. Use a subject line in your email such as "Modify news announcement."

Is my posted item reviewed by someone or posted automatically?
Announcements are posted (cataloged) and checked for quality assurance (QA) under two different processes by different personnel. If there is a question about your posting, you will be contacted, which is why your contact information is requested via the Post an Item submission form.

What are DLESE's terms of use?
Access the DLESE Terms of Use page.

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